Sleep Disorders

Trouble with sleep can affect virtually every aspect of our lives. Difficulty falling or staying asleep can cause fatigue and lethargy, poor concentration and memory, and, studies have shown, lead to lack of alertness greater than with excessive alcohol usage. For reference see article, PDF.

Even physical disease has been linked to sleep problems.
Likewise, getting too much sleep can have negative impacts on the body and mind such as somnolence, poor digestive function, and emotional disorders such as depression.

Imbalances in the organ-systems of the body are seen as the root cause of sleep problems within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. There may be pathogenic factors such as “heat” or “cold” which enter from the exterior or weakness in the integrity of the organs which inherently lead to irregular sleep cycles.

Acupuncture and associated modalities can be very beneficial to regulating the qi of the body to allow your body and mind to rest at appropriate times and intervals so that you can achieve optimum health, alertness & efficiency, and potentially avoid illness and disharmony.