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Find harmony and balance through Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic system of health and healing based on harmony and balance.

At Shen Shen, our practitioners will develop a treatment program that is unique to your needs. The treatment we provide is for you, not the condition which is a result of disharmony and a lack of balance. Restoring the harmony and balance in your body will allow the body to repair itself, bringing relief from your condition and symptoms.

We believe in curing the root cause of the disease or condition, while treating your symptoms.

Lift the heaviness that you feel and lighten your spirit with Body Work


Bodywork methods can be thought of as manipulative therapy or energy medicine involving breath work and promoting increased awareness of the bodymind connection.

By nature, your body seeks to heal itself. At the heart of healing is the good flow of your energy, your Qi (or Chi pronounced CHē). Qi is the "life force" that sustains living beings; the literal translation of "qi" is "breath".

Bodywork's movement based modalities can relieve the imbalances of qi, unblocking the stagnant pools of energy within the body. Bring a lightness and efficiency of movement.

Increase your awareness of the mind-body connection with Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of the body’s soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments).

Stress and emotional upset are a normal part of life, however relaxation massage therapy can calm these feelings and promote overall health and wellness. Therapeutic or rehabilitative massage can encourage circulatory movement and relax muscles allowing the injured areas to heal at a faster rate.

Whether it is through relaxation massage for stress relief or rehabilitative massage for pain relief, you will find when the mind moves out of the way, the body will relax and heal.