Frequently Asked Questions

Do the needles hurt?
For some treatments, you might feel a bit of a pinch when they go in. It’s normal to feel them a little, but that feeling dissipates and mellows during the treatment. If you’re ever uncomfortable during a treatment, please tell your acupuncturist. We’d like you to be comfortable in addition to getting you results!

I’m in pain – should I do acupuncture or massage?
Great question. Depending on the type of pain, we’d recommend one over the other. You might want to call us to talk about your pain so we can get a better idea of what you are experiencing. Generally for acute pain, we’ll recommend acupuncture or maybe a trip to your doctor.

Do you do couples massage?
Sorry, we don’t do couples massages at Shen Shen.

What is your tipping policy?
Tips are more common with massage therapy than with acupuncture (you wouldn’t tip your doctor, right?), but our standard feeling regarding tipping is that it’s never necessary, but always appreciated. If you do feel compelled to tip your practitioner, you would use the same percentage as if you were tipping your server at dinner.

Should I leave my clothes on or take them off for my session?
You may disrobe to your comfort level. We want to respect your modesty. For acupuncture treatments, we have medical gowns if necessary.

Do you do colonics?
Sorry, but we don’t do colonics.

I want to schedule a massage and acupuncture on the same day. Which should I do first? Does it matter?
It depends on the situation. Most times it doesn’t matter, but if you are working on something specific, your practitioners can advise you on what would work best for optimal results.