Trager Approach

The Trager Approach is movement re-education. Dr. Milton Trager (1908-1997) developed this unique approach to freeing the body of tension by way of gentle and non-intrusive movement.

In the passive form of movement, the receiver is moved through their pain-free range of motion while lying on a padded table, while seated, or while standing. Originating from a place of calm and deep presence, your practitioner uses touch to communicate a sense of ease, by rocking, swinging, vibrating, shaking, lengthening and pressing. As the receiver identifies new felt positive sensations associated with a freer structure, they are consciously able to ‘let go’ of deep-seated tension. The experience of receiving a Trager session is gently penetrating and profoundly relaxing.

“Part of the process of healing the nervous system is to establish an environment where it is all right to let down and be supported without the process of alertness for survival.” -Bodystories.

Active movement in the Trager Approach was named ‘Mentastics,’ a word Milton coined from mental and gymnastics. These free- form self-care movements are practiced as a way of anchoring and recalling the feeling experience from the Trager table work. This simple and delightful explorative practice to finding lightness and ease in one’s body is what makes The Trager Approach effective, empowering, and long lasting.

Every time you surrender yourself to a feeling of calm and peace, the more at ease you will be in coping with day to day challenges.

Roger Hughes, Trager Approach Practitioner, shares the belief that muscles which are forced to release by means of an overpowering method is, instead, a means of feeding the pre-existing pattern of tension, stiffness and/or pain. There may result a short-term relief, but the underlying pattern remains unchanged and buried in the unconscious mind.

The Trager Approach tames soft tissue resistance to soften and shift into a pattern of movement that is freer and more authentic.

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