Acupuncture treatments seek to balance energy along specific pathways in the body to maintain or restore harmony in the body’s systems.

Your treatments begin with a short intake during which your practitioner will listen to your issues and go over your intake forms and make an assessment about what needs to be balanced based on the information you give.  Every effort will be made to make you comfortable while the needles are working their magic.  Everyone is different and treatments may vary depending on the day and person.  Sometimes, you’ll have 10 needles in, sometimes 25, maybe more.  Our job is to do what it takes to bring your body and energy back into balance.  You may feel some needles more strongly than others, and that’s okay.  Remember, we’re working with energy and sometimes, in order to tonify and balance, energy needs to be encouraged to “move along” rather than remain stagnant.

Stagnation is the root cause of disease in traditional Chinese medicine, and every effort is taken to eliminate it.  Our goal for your is the free flow of energy along your energy pathways (meridians) so you can enjoy harmony and perfect health.

Sometimes accessory treatments may be necessary – cupping or gua sha – in order to relieve stagnation or to aid the flow of energy.  Your practitioner will discuss these options with you as well.

Acupuncture treatments should be more frequent during times of acute discomfort so we can manage the issue and restore harmony to the body’s systemic flow.  During times of relative health, acupuncture is best used to maintain good flow of energy on a regular basis.  Talk to your practitioner and you can decide what suits your needs best.